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Gabriel with Ryu's help joins Jordan to warn him of Eden's plans. The latter wants to seize Jordan to extract his juice and make a new synthetic drug. Jordan decides to give some of his powers and those of Ryu so that Gabriel is ready to face him. An unrestrained fuck to three between beautiful kids really good fucking will allow this transfer of power. SCENE 2 OF THE FILM: ATOMIX BLOND Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Eden recruits everything and sets her sights on the bestial John. John has only one requirement. If you want him in your team, you must give him your ass but be careful John is not a tender. It will start by getting wet the penis deep throat before disassemble the ass of Eden who will squeak like a good little slut before being spread on the face by John's creamy juice. SCENE 4 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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A young guy (David Valentin) offers a battery for sale and receives a potential buyer (Tony Axel) who is not at all satisfied with what he is offered. He decides to take revenge for having made the trip for nothing. He begins by eating the mouth of the young guy before he gorge the mouth of his big zob. Our young hungry clings to the fleshy buttocks of our macho who already taps at the bottom of the throat. Neither one, naked two the negotiation turns in puff of ass. Big tongue shots on the freshly shaved ray of our slut who moans with pleasure arching her ass like a bitch in heat. Our nasty guy takes possession of the hungry hole of our bitch turning him into submissive female and making his hole a pussy available. "You shake, you pump ..." is going to order him this dominant male determined to make pay the bitch price of his deception on the merchandise. To finish after a last session of polishing glottis, our alpha will offer her cum to her new little whore ready to do anything to sell her junk.


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Muscular face to face between Eden says Sugar Boy and Gabriel, Atomix Blond. While Eden gets the upper hand, Gabriel turns the situation around and especially returns Eden to make her submissive dog. In the den of Eden and its fully equipped playroom, Gabriel will release all the powers accumulated including that of making his slut enjoy his powerful thrusts. SCENE 3 OF THE FILM: ATOMIX BLOND Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Jordan Fox is back and the super boss did not come for tea. Powerful mutant power to have almost female orgasms holes that he sodomized, the boss will demolish the steamy pussy of a slave (David Valentin) close to everything to take the big cock juicy Jordan. Slaps in the mouth, spitting in the face, disassembly of the jaw, strangulation until unconsciousness, no doubt the boss is back. SCENE 1 OF THE FILM: ATOMIX BLOND Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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