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Jordan Fox is back and the super boss did not come for tea. Powerful mutant power to have almost female orgasms holes that he sodomized, the boss will demolish the steamy pussy of a slave (David Valentin) close to everything to take the big cock juicy Jordan. Slaps in the mouth, spitting in the face, disassembly of the jaw, strangulation until unconsciousness, no doubt the boss is back. SCENE 1 OF THE FILM: ATOMIX BLOND Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Final confrontation between Eden and Thiago. Everyone wants to show that he has a bigger but Eden quickly takes over to make Thiago his little whore available in his first scene as a liability. She was hungry boss but when we sign a 50/50 deal, we also agree to take his share of cock in the ass. Eden will rustle but he likes that pig. SCENE 5 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Eden recruits everything and sets her sights on the bestial John. John has only one requirement. If you want him in your team, you must give him your ass but be careful John is not a tender. It will start by getting wet the penis deep throat before disassemble the ass of Eden who will squeak like a good little slut before being spread on the face by John's creamy juice. SCENE 4 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Thiago is furious to learn by his right arm that a new boss arrives in his city; He decides to send a message: There's a boss here and it's him and his big cock. Xavier will take money and get fucked in the thickets before taking Thiago's creamy juice in the back of his throat. SCENE 3 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Xavier, Thiago's sidekick, fulfills his duty as a webcam trainer for his boss's network. Alas John does not understand anything about Xavier's expectations and when you're 2000 excited watching, the show starts. John turns into a sex beast and will disassemble Xavier's mouth before giving him a very deep thrusts, distorting the wet pussy of the young trainer. SCENE 2 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Dimitri is a young cable repair technician working for Thiago. Very satisfied with his work his boss with the help of John the Greg, will disassemble for the first time the mouth and ass of his young employee with caramel-colored skin. The young operator is going to be wired ass. SCENE 1 OF THE FILM: PLANCAM GENERATION Discover without waiting for the complete movie in the DVD section (click on the menu)


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Come and see how UPHOLD and DEGLINGUER a bastard all terrain in the hands of a ruthless and furious master. In this second scene of DARK, while Dante was taking care of the bastard, Greg managed to escape. Furious Dante appeals to the Limier (Doryann Marguet) whom he launches in pursuit of Greg. Greg is caught by a Bloodhound who is subjected to intense submission before informing Dante of his position. The Bloodhound decides in the meantime to put to Greg all the abuse that passes to him the head or rather by the tail and it is not the bloodhound but the limeur that Greg is going to have to do. The bloodhound begins by demolishing the jaw with his big cock before giving him a good spanking to the martinet. The unbridled Bloodhound will take care of Greg's ass by widening the hole with his fingers and his cock with blows of kidneys very powerful. Attached by a chain in her mouth, Greg will undergo powerful assaults before getting fucked like a whore offered on a sling. At the end of a massive sodomization, the Limier will finally spit its thick juice into the mouth of Greg who will drink it like whey.


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Max Toro, a Hispanic gypsy, has the mission of loping bitches in heat. Head to the depths of the Full Metal where it is already waiting naked, arched and greased, this young bastard ready to use. Direct the gypsy begins with a proper inspection. Feet probing, anal dilation , humidifying the hole to measure the width and depth. Any good slut must first be relaxed jaw and nothing like that a big cock that overflows juice to thin the glottis. She's going to eat the bitch up to the bottom of her throat. She will take the huge piece of macho to the bottom of the balls. After this appetizer, the hidalgo will smash the lope like a queen. The bitch will go from asshole to his majesty fucked ass! The enthronement will be adorned with a session of extreme submission where requests for "pity" will remain a dead letter. No mercy for the sluts. Here bastard you shut your mouth and you cash! You have two functions: pump the tail and eat cock by the ass . A master finale: a bull cumshot that deserves an arena in his name! Olé!


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Dante (Fabien Fleury), an expert in all types of degradation, returns from the hunt during which he kidnapped a young guy (David Valentin) whom he transformed into a sexual slave in the presence of another bastard (Greg Ken) A cage of his den. Fastened like a sausage, the bastards will be taken into an iron cage by Dante where he will begin by dismantling the mouth of the defilement and sticking some well-felt slaps. He will continue his submission by being polished the handle by quietly smoking his cigarette before relaxing the ass of this young whore. Will sell the assault or rather the protrusion of the female by the thick thick cock of Dante who will transform her asshole into screaming cat. Dante will eventually spit out his hot cum boiling in the mouth of the bitch who will starve hungry and swallow everything she can.


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